Subaru Forester SF 1997-2000

Vehicle No.:   ACQ 2423
Make/Model:   Subaru Forester, SF 1997-2000
VIN: 7A8GF170702134323
Engine:   2.0
Transmission:   4WD Automatic
Year:   2000
Date In Stock:  

Parts listed below have been removed from the vehicle and are ready for purchase
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The parts below have already been sold
    215/60R16 Tyre  
    Automatic Transmission  
    Front Filler Panel  
    L Corner Light  
    LF Brake Disc  
    LF Shock Absorber  
    LR Brake Disc  
    RF Brake Disc  
    RF Seat Belt  
    RR Brake Disc  
    RR Shock Absorber  
    Weather Shield