Honda Edix FR-V BE1 2004-2009

Vehicle No.:   ACQ 29023
Make/Model:   Honda Edix FR-V, BE1 2004-2009
VIN: 7AT08GB5X18009875
Engine:   1.7
Transmission:   4-speed manual
Year:   2005
Date In Stock:   16 Jan 2020

Parts listed below have been removed from the vehicle and are ready for purchase

The parts below have already been sold
    15 Inch Road Wheel  
    CD Player  
    CD Stacker  
    LR Cargo Glass  
    LR Lower Arm  
    LR Shock Absorber  
    LR Suspension Complete  
    LR Trailing Arm  
    Misc Dust Cover  
    Misc Item  
    Rear Suspension Beam  
    RF Door Actuator  
    RF Door Elec Mirror  
    RF Door Glass  
    Starter Motor  
    Window Master Switch