Nissan Caravan Homy E25L 2006-2012

Vehicle No.:   ACQ 29417
Make/Model:   Nissan Caravan Homy, E25L 2006-2012
VIN: 7AT0DH06X17031734
Engine:   2.0
Transmission:   4 Spd Auto
Year:   2010
Date In Stock:   15 May 2020

Parts listed below have been removed from the vehicle and are ready for purchase

The parts below have already been sold
    Accelerator Pedal  
    Fan Motor  
    Fuel Pump  
    Handbrake Lever Assembly  
    Heater Hose  
    Misc Relay  
    R Corner Light  
    R Headlight  
    Tailgate Shell  
    Throttle Body