Lexus SC Z40 2001-2010

Vehicle No.:   ACQ 4344
Make/Model:   Lexus SC, Z40 2001-2010
VIN: JTHFN48Y600024637
Engine:   4.3
Transmission:   Auto
Year:   2003
Date In Stock:   16 Nov 2018
Description:   Color Code: 3P6 Trim Code:LA00 Drive: 2WD Trans/Axle Code: A650E A01A

Parts listed below have been removed from the vehicle and are ready for purchase

The parts below have already been sold
    ABS Brake Unit  
    ABS Computer  
    Accelerator Pedal Postion Sensor  
    Air Cleaner Assembly EFI Air Box  
    Air Flow Meter  
    Air Intake  
    Boot Lid Gas Struts  
    ECU Computer  
    Engine Assembly  
    Engine Cover  
    Front Bumper Cover  
    Front Shock Absorbers (Pair)  
    Instrument Cluster  
    LF Door Actuator  
    LF Guard Liner  
    LF Guard Repeater Light Lens  
    LF Headlight Washer  
    LF Seat Belt  
    LF Seat Belt Stalk  
    Mirror Adjuster Switch  
    Misc Nuts, Bolts & Screws  
    Number Plate Light  
    Rear Shock Absorbers (Pair)  
    RF Door Elec Mirror  
    RF Seat Belt  
    RF Seat Belt Stalk  
    RR Bumper Reflector  
    Spotlight Wiring Loom  
    Wiring Loom Engine EFI