Lexus RX330 RX330

Vehicle No.:   ACQ 5381
Make/Model:   Lexus RX330, RX330
VIN: JTJHA31U900074338
Engine:   3.3
Transmission:   Auto
Year:   2005
Date In Stock:   26 Oct 2019
Description:   Location =Car is located at NP1B yard 4WD Engine no = 3MZFE Colour code = 1C0 Trim Code = LB11 Chassis = MCU38R

Parts listed below have been removed from the vehicle and are ready for purchase
  Part:  Vehicle:  Type:  Condition:  Colour:  Details:
Lexus RX330 RX330 LF Bumper Retainer
Lexus RX330 RX330 LF Door Elec Mirror (13 Wire)
Lexus RX330 RX330 RR Cargo Glass

The parts below have already been sold
    Front Tow Hook Cover  
    LF Door Elec Mirror (13 Wire)  
    LF Guard/Fender  
    LF Headlight Washer  
    Number Plate Holder  
    RF Door Elec Mirror (13 Wire)  
    RH Roof Mould  
    RR Bumper Reflector  
    Tow Bar