Pros and cons of buying used tyres

Date: October 11, 2016 | Author Name: Car Wreckers

If you have been observing that your vehicle’s tyres have not enough tread left or tread is looking very thin, then it is time to get them replaced with new ones. But, then you might get confused in choosing between used vs new.

Usually, a new set of wheels may be too expensive or may not fit in your budget. Now you are left with the only choice of buying the used ones. But, is it really safe to drive around on second hand tyres? Are used ones worth it? All these aspects are a question of concern.

Below we have mentioned some pros and cons, which will probably help you in taking the well-versed decision.



1) Easily affordable

Generally, the price of used tyre is much cheaper than the new set and especially if they are in pretty good condition.  This also leaves the driver with enough money, which can be used in getting the wheels aligned and balanced. As this will increase the tread and they will provide thousands of miles of safe journey.

2)  Reusability

Buying the used wheel is not only economical but also help in keeping the environment safe and clean. As due to this, tyres get completely used up, which makes it easy to dispose them safely. However, if everybody will buy the new ones, then there will be overabundance of the perfectly good condition.

There are many experienced drivers who are in need of tyres with good treading and, always check the durability before actually buying them. These thrifty and economical drivers won’t compromise with their safety and often get them inspected.


1) Irregular Wear & Tear

If the tyres are not well-maintained by the previous owner then you may end up buying them worn-out. The worst part is that it is very difficult to spot the wearing of the used ones. So, when buying them, have a look at the inside-out of grooves to ensure that they are in a good condition.

2) Prior Patches

Some of the second hand wheels, which are sold by less reputable shops are often worn-out by previous plugging, patching or bulges. One should always check them thoroughly by visual practice so as to spot the damage easily.

Also, when buying them, look for reputable shops where you can get the best tyres prices in Auckland with limited guarantee.

3) Proper Inspection

It is a good idea to buy the used wheels from a local store by inspecting it on your own. However, if you buy used tyres online, then it won’t be possible for you to thoroughly inspect it. However, you can trust on local providers who offer the trustworthy services.

So, it is better to visit a reputable local shop rather than visiting a sale which doesn’t look well on the display. You can also consider buying low priced or discounted set of new tyres, which comes with a warranty.


Before buying the set of wheels, keep the above points in mind. A used pair of tyres can be real money savers only if you know how to choose the right one.