Checklist for what to do before you scrap your car

Date: November 6, 2017 | Author Name: Car Wreckers

Many vehicle owners start losing hope when they realize that their once a fine running car is not safe or driveable any more. In this type of situation, they think it to be a totally useless piece of trash which is worthless. However, the best thing you can do is exchange your scrap vehicle for top money.

Sometimes you may even get a much higher price in exchange for scrapping your old clunker rather than selling it as a whole. This is because junk automobiles contain highly valuable metals parts and components. This is the quickest way to sell your car.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you have a junk or old clunker, you can still expect to get a good bargain for it. However, there are certain things that you should keep in your mind when scrapping an old vehicle.

In this guide, we have given a checklist of important things that you should do before selling your rusted wheels.

Remove all the personal belongings from your car

When scrapping your vehicle it is essential to collect all the valuable items that you might have left in your car while it was usable. Don’t forget that cars are our second homes and so it’s common for the owners to forget their essential or personal items into the automobile. Make sure to check in between the seats and compartments for valuable items like cash, pay stubs, jewellery, sunglasses, lost credit cards or any other important thing. If you find any document which contain your personal information like name, address or contact number, make sure to take it off your ride.

Gather all the essential paperwork 

Every salvage yard dealer require some important documents, including vehicle’s registration, driver’s license, automobile’s title or any other form of document for photo identification. Without proper document your scrap yard won’t be assured that you are the legal owner of the vehicle in question.

If you have lost your automobile’s registration, you can easily get a copy of it from NZTA by applying for the application of replacement certificate of registration. Although some dealers may not care about the title of your automobile, but still it is wise to avoid taking any risks.

Take off your license plates

It is always important to remove the license plates from your automobile as you can still use it. You can use them in your new automobile rather than spending your money in the new ones. Even if you don’t have a new vehicle, you can submit them with your state’s DMV so you can easily get them reissued when required.

In many states, removing license plates is a legal requirement, when selling a vehicle that has been retired from the service. When you will apply to your local DMV for the cancellation of the title, they will also ask for the license plates.

Ensure to take off the valuable parts

Before you scrap your vehicle, make sure to remove the valuable parts or components from it. This will help you to earn as much money as possible from your old or damaged automobile. Therefore, it is a good idea to remove the parts and accessories.

The high-value components like starter motors, alternators, sound systems, etc. can be sold as second hand parts to retailers of private buyers with a similar make or model. Also, make sure to pull out the battery and tyres that can be re-used again. But remember some dealers may be not willing to remove your auto if it is not in a running condition.

You can also use the oils like gasoline in the gas tank. Remove it with the help of a siphon pump and store it safely in sealed containers. If you don’t have adequate mechanical, it would be best to take the help of a professional mechanic or a close friend.

Cancel the insurance on your junk auto

When you cancel the insurance of your old vehicle, it ensures that you won’t be liable for paying any recurring payments before the expiration of the policy. Even if you have paid the full amount of insurance coverage upfront, you can anticipate to get a refund.

This will help you to maintain good connections with the insurance agency and you can enjoy certain discounts or special offers in the future.

Do comparison shopping to get the best deal

It doesn’t matter what type of automobile you have, you will want the best possible deal; for it. The dealers never try to lose any chance of manipulating buyers and acquiring the lowest possible quotes. This is why, it is important to sharpen your skills.

Collect all the required details which junk yard dealers may usually need to know before scrapping your wheels. This will also help you to determine a rough price before you start shopping around to get offers. After this you call up a few reputable car scrapyard owners in your area to get cash quotes. Also, make sure to ask the dealer whether they offer a free removal service or not.

Find a right scrap dealer

There are various states that don’t allow scrap auto dealers to do business without having a certified license. Therefore, make sure to choose a dealer which is licensed and insured. You can visit them in person and ask to see their license before you scrap your automobile. Alternatively, you can also verify the legitimacy of a scrap auto buyer online, if your state provide e-services for license checks.

Make sure that the dealer uses a certified weight scale

Dealers usually pay for junk or broken-down automobiles in terms of their metal weight. If the weight of your broken or dead automobile is more, you can expect to get a higher pay out for it.

However, dealers use different weight scales some which are incorrect. The faulty weight scales can give lower measurements of your automobile’s weight. But when this happen the overall value of your car may decrease. Hence, make sure to avoid dealing with dealers that have a crooked reputation and are not reliable. Also, check that the dealer uses a certified weight scale.

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