Selling a totalled car in Auckland

Date: July 2, 2017 | Author Name: Car Wreckers

If you have been recently involved in a bit of an accident, then you might be probably asking yourself is my car totalled?  Well! It is pretty easy to understand if a vehicle is totalled or declared to be a total loss. But, when deciding whether a vehicle is totalled or not, there are a few things that often confuse the owners. That is what damage and how much damage is required to declare a vehicle as a total loss or totalled. Because it certainly varies from one damaged vehicle to another.

How to sell a car that’s been totalled?

So let’s begin with the easy part. If your car is totalled or declared as a total write-off, what do you understand by it? Basically, your vehicle will be completely damaged after a collision. In such situation, your insurance agency will usually do two things. First, they will make an estimate of the amount of damage caused to your vehicle in terms of money. The insurance company will accredit an expert who will inspect the damage to your automobile and give an estimation of the repairs it will need.

The insurance company will also consider the make, model, year, mileage, trim, location of your automobile. They will also have a look at the recent prices for vehicles similar to yours and give the actual cash value, or the value of your automobile before the accident. If the repair cost of the automobile is more than your vehicle’s worth, whether it’s totalled or declared a total loss.

Is that easier to sell a totalled car in an accident?

This is perhaps the most difficult question. When planning to sell a vehicle that’s been totalled. If you too have a machine that has been damaged in a collision. It’s probably a total write-off. But, actually there are various factors that come into play. The older an auto is, the more extensive the damage becomes. And, consequently it will require more expensive parts and labour for repair. Additionally, if a vehicle is very expensive. It will be declared as a total loss, only if there is a considerable amount of damage in it. For instance, more damage is needed to declare a new BMW total loss rather than it is required to total a Honda that is 20 years old.

If your insurance company declares your automobile to be a total loss. This means it will be more expensive to fix your automobile after an accident rather than replacing it with a newer automobile. As a result, your insurer will not pay you the repair costs of your automobile. But they will definitely offer you a check for the replacement value. The value they will pay you will depend on your car’s pre-accident condition. Once you have settled the claim, you can keep the damaged automobile or the insurance company will pay you its market value. In most of the cases the insurance agency will prefer to pay the “market value” of your totalled automobile and after this, they will sell it to a specialised service as it is.

When the estimated repair cost of your vehicle exceeds the cost of buying a new vehicle. Your insurer will declare it as a total loss. Consequently, they will not want to repair your damaged automobile. But they will surely give you a check for the replacement value estimated on the basis of its condition before the accident. After the settlement of the claim, two things are possible. The insurance agency will either let you keep the damaged vehicle or they will keep it.

Can I take profit by selling my totalled vehicle myself?

Of course, it is possible. When your auto insurer settles your claim they will deduct a salvage value from your claim settlement. Salvage value of an automobile is the calculated value of your vehicle at the end of its useful life. When you sell your wrecked or damaged car for a value more than the salvage value deduction, you can make good profit.

How much profit will I earn from dealing with my totalled car loss on my own?

Yes, you can surely earn good profit by dealing with your total loss automobile yourself. Basically, your insurance agency will deduct the salvage value or the estimated worth of the vehicle at the end of its useful lifespan from your claim settlement. If you sell your vehicle at a price higher than this salvage value deduction, you can make a good profit.

Is it right to sell my total loss car?

You can take the help of a reputable cash for car outfit in order to make the right decision about your totalled vehicle. They will just need some basic information about your automobile to estimate its value. You can do so via filling out their online form and you will get a quick response within hours. A licensed salvage dealer will definitely guarantee you a fair market-based offer. Also, they will offer easy and secure procedure. A reputable outfit will also pay you for your auto’s pickup and won’t ask you any fee for their towing service or paperwork.

What to do if your car is totalled?

It is an important question that salvages auto owners need to consider. When your automobile is declared to be written-off or totalled by your insurance agency. There are a few options that can play out. The first possibility is that the insurance agency can pay you a check for the settlement of value equal to the actual cash value of the vehicle prior to an accident less any deductible. In such cases, the insurance company takes the ownership of the automobile. The second option is that you can choose to keep your salvage automobile and sell it to your local Cash for Car outfit. If you decide to keep your salvage automobile, the insurance company will estimate your vehicle’s salvage value and deduct any settlement payout by that amount. Typically, you are purchasing your salvage automobile from the insurance company, in such a situation.