Nissan Juke F15 2012->

Vehicle No.:   ACQ 5496
Make/Model:   Nissan Juke, F15 2012->
VIN: SJNFBAF15A6156529
Engine:   1.6
Transmission:   CVT
Year:   2012
Date In Stock:   14 Oct 2019
Description:   .Colour Grey Code KAD .Trime Code G .Engine = HR16DE .Transmission:CVT .65000 KM Done

Parts listed below have been removed from the vehicle and are ready for purchase
  Part:  Vehicle:  Type:  Condition:  Colour:  Details:
Nissan Juke F15 2012-> Air Compressor
Nissan Juke F15 2012-> Brake Pedal Rubber
Nissan Juke F15 2012-> Front Bumper Grille
Nissan Juke F15 2012-> R Headlight
Nissan Juke F15 2012-> R Spotlight
Nissan Juke F15 2012-> RF Window Switch

The parts below have already been sold
    Air Cond Condenser  
    Automatic Transmission  
    Exhaust Heat Shield  
    Front Bumper Cover  
    Front Bumper Cover Lower  
    Front Bumper Reinforcer  
    Front Tow Hook Cover  
    Hub Cap  
    L Headlight  
    L Headlight Mount Bracket  
    L Spotlight  
    LF Bumper Retainer  
    LF Door Elec Mirror  
    LF Door Inner Panel  
    LF Drive Axle  
    LF Guard Flare  
    LF Guard Liner  
    LF Guard/Fender  
    LF Vertical Air Guide  
    LH Roof Mould  
    LR Door Inner Panel  
    LR Door Shell  
    LR Seat Belt  
    LR Seat Belt Stalk  
    Misc Item  
    Number Plate Holder  
    Other Suspension Beam Parts  
    R Side Skirt  
    Radiator Support Panel  
    Rear View Mirror  
    Rear Wiper Arm  
    RF Door Exterior Handle  
    RF Door Shell  
    RF Guard Flare  
    RF Guard Liner  
    RF Seat Belt  
    RF Vertical Air Guide  
    RR Door Shell  
    RR Guard Flare  
    Steel Road Wheel